Clareese Hill is an artist based in Brooklyn. Her work engages with her concern for the word identity and its relationship to space. By attempting to remove language from the social meanings for spaces, she hopes to create conceptual spaces that challenge what identity means and how it operates by exploring the many possibilities available to unhinge it from its social trappings. Through her experimental investigations, the use of technology becomes a vital part of the project as she seeks to create new dialogs between disparate materials. Her practice is rooted in the recorded image, still and time-based. She is currently working with the illusion of agency as a component of identity by creating interactive installations. Her work exists in many mediums including experimental video and poetry.

Clareese was born in Brooklyn and was raised by a single mother. She has a background in journalism where she covered local and national news stories for various stations and publications. Clareese holds an undergraduate degree from Full Sail University, Master in Arts from New York Institute of Technology, Masters in Professional Studies from School of Visual Arts, and a Master in Fine Arts from School of the Art Institute of Chicago.  Clareese is currently studying in the Art Ph.D. program at Goldsmiths University of London to work on a long-term practice-led project.